Stubborn Arterial Plaque: Case Series with Kristine Burke, MD

Posted by Calroy Health Sciences on Jan 4, 2021 3:19:59 PM


Plaque Regression in Clinical Practice

When patients have stubborn arterial plaque, especially over several years, how can clinicians make a difference? Kristine Burke, MD, decided to research this by conducting a case series with patients with stubborn arterial plaque.

The primary intervention for these patients was Arterosil. In the video snippet below, she describes the primary takeaways and results.

Kristine Burke, MD, describes how patients with stubborn plaque may be unresponsive to some interventions, and how she moves forward when that happens.

In Dr. Burke’s words:

Burke Quote (2)



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Arterosil Research Summary 

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Numerous cellular, animal and human studies have been conducted to evaluate the biological activities, mode of mechanisms, and therapeutic benefits of Arterosil, a patent-pending nutraceutical. Studies include:

  • MRI Carotid Plaque Regression Study
  • Glycocalyx Regeneration Study
  • Leukocyte Adhesion Study
  • Arterial Elasticity Study
  • Hypertension Study

Download Arterosil's Research Summary here.

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